The after Party

Once returning from their adventure the heros recieved inn rooms and placed on more comafortable clothing, removing their armor and weapons. The whole group proceeded down the stairs to the sound of music and the smell of ale. With a either a beautiful women or glass of mead and ale to their left or right the heros began to relax and slowly let their worries fade away. as their sips became gulps and the women grew more beautiful by the second they begane to reach their limit of inoxication. As the heros lay on the ground sorrounded by their spoils a window shadered and a fire began inside the inn. They all awoke in a spook and ran outside, were the finnaly member of their party lay sorrounded by tankards of ale and women more beautiful then the ones thay had seen inside. Most starred in shock as the inn burned down before their eyes. Many were trapped inside on the top floor but the alchohol fire burned to hot for even the best wizard to extinguish.

Adventure after the fire

The smell of death was strong, a smell theese heros new all to well. It had added them in the past yet destroyed them now. All their armor, weapons, and money was lost, nothing remianed but skill, strenght, and will. In the cold night the heros made a pact: They were to find death, embrace it, destroy it, solve it. The heros pact spreads as a rumor throughout the town, and the towns people speak of an abyss 3 towns and a forest away from here. The heros deside thats where they will start. Also some items were recovered from the fire, An elegant longbow, a claymore, a pair of guantlets, few daggers, bronze short sword and a celestrial bronze brest plate. A giant saffire that also survived granted each member of the team 500 gold pecies. After purchasing the small amount of supplies they could their adventure began. They started the slow long journey to the rummored abyss.

Day 1

The treck to the first town was a simple one, large road lined with trees and mostly flat land. The town they headed for was only 12 miles away, easilly a days journey. After 4 miles the heros come across a river, an easily place to catch food, for a profit was to be made in the next town. After 5 more miles(9/12) come across a feild of deer, stay and poach or ignore and make it to town. Spend a night at a dirty inn and awake early the next morning.

Day 2

The terian the next day was tougher, a cold wind blew and the walk was up and down various hills adn slopes. It was a 40 mile walk that crossed a large fast running river. The walk it self was known to be atleats 4 days. With each mile that passed it grew colder and the sun would set soon. So witht he first 10 miles past easily the party made camp and went to bed.

Defeing Death It's self